Welcoming 2015

Hello everybody! My usual long hiatus is actually justified this time, as we welcomed our daughter KEELEY into the world on November 15. Things have been busy, but in the best of ways.  At the beginning of the month, I started playing drums for a run of Little Shop of a Horrors at Geva Theatre […]

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Interview about Solo Drum Solo

I did an online interview about my Fringe Fest show with Sammi Cohen, who is working for the festival. She asked great questions, so here they are. Don’t forget to come to the shows, Sunday and Monday at 630pm at Bernunzios Uptown Music. *** How did you come up with this idea? I was frustrated […]

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soloDRUMsolo/Call for Scores

A while back, I asked people to write me drum solos. I am overwhelmed and thrilled by the amount of pieces I received! I will present 15 world premieres on September 21 and 22, which are drawn from the pool of submissions. THANK YOU to all of the composers who sent me music. If your […]

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Summer Update

At this point, apologizing for not updating has become redundant. I am apparently not very good at talking about myself on a regular basis. Having said that… (to quote a favorite Curb Your Enthusiasm episode…) http://youtu.be/vhyGlGgXMxY Lots of cool things have happened, and will be coming up for me, so maybe lets call this an […]

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2013 Year in Review

Another year comes to a close. It came to a close a while ago. 10 days ago to be exact. This year, I worked hard to increase my web presence. The downside of that is that means way more sites to keep up with. Thus, here is my 2013 Year in Review. I know these […]

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Alma Mater

I grew up in Orchard Park, New York. Home to the Buffalo Bills and Duffs Chicken Wings. I am very proud of my Buffalo roots. I think the city gives its inhabitants a certain edge. We used to talk about it in college with a laugh and a shrug…someone made a politically incorrect statement? “Buffalo.” […]

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