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JAZZ: A professional jazz drum kit consisting of: one (1) 18” bass drum with two solid heads with pedal, no holes, one (1) 12” rack tom, one (1) 14” floor tom, one (1) 14” snare drum with stand, one (1) drum seat, one (1) hi hat and three (3) cymbal stands; all necessary hardware and a drum key. All drumheads must be coated Ambassador, NOT CLEAR and in excellent condition. Gretsch, DW or Yamaha Drums and DW or Yamaha hardware are preferred. Additionally, One (1) Small 4×4’ Table for Percussion Toys.

ROCK/HIPHOP/R&B: A drumset in first class condition appropriate for rock/hiphop/r&b drumming. Yamaha, Pearl, Gretsch, Premier, DW or Sonor; top of the line series, including a 22″ bass drum. Should include toms (at least 2, not more than 4), heads should be appropriate for rock/hiphop/r&b playing and should be able to be tuned low. One 14 inch snare drum, preferably wood. If possible, an additional piccolo or popcorn snare drum. Hi-hat stand with felt and clutch. 4 cymbal stands with felts and rubber tips/cymbal sleeves. At least 2 should be boom stands. One first class SINGLE bass drum pedal (DW or equivalent). One adjustable drum seat, preferably the backless variety. One drum key and all other necessary hardware. Cymbals will be provided by the musician. Drums will be placed on a rug of 6×6 feet.

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